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CARIF SAS Manufacturer of ingredients dedicated to the flour industry
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CARIF, designer of solutions for the bakery and patisserie industry, presents its know-how and expertise. Our company has values and, above all, is committed to a CSR charter.

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Our values, our commitments, our expertise

A respected tradition and know-how

Our values, our commitments, our expertise

A respected tradition and know-how

For CARIF the reference of a food product is that of the tradition whatever the method of production, artisanal or industrial.
This tradition is respected for any country of the world in which CARIF intervenes.

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Resources, expertise and quality

The success and commitments of

Resources to meet objectives

The group's Research and Development department is made up of two centres of excellence that enable it to push its limits even further.

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In the Carif group's R&D teams, engineers and professionals work together to create innovations that will meet consumers' expectations.
The Toulouse laboratory, created in 1988, focuses on research and studies on cereals and bread-making as well as on the formulation of pastries, cookies and ice creams, and also on the research of flavors and aromas.
The laboratory in Nantes, created in 2012, deals with the application of new processes, the preparation of new samples, and the use of ingredients in industrial and artisanal processes. Finally it develops new methods of conservation.

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Quality at all levels

For the CARIF Group, quality is a management choice, a unifying value that energizes all entities, all employees and all products... right up to the consumer.

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Each batch is analyzed and the final product is put back into use.
Quality and sustainable development management system: rigorous quality policy, crisis management and food safety monitoring, traceability, charters and guides to good hygiene and HACCP practices, ISO 22000 and FSSC (Food Safety System Certification 22000) systems.
Regulations: regulatory monitoring, validation of labels and product claims.
Customer Service: A privileged link between the Carif group, its consumers and its customers.

The expertise of the entire industry

Driven by a commitment to taste and quality, the CARIF group is structured to fully control the supply chain and ensure optimum quality for its consumers.

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Knowledge of raw materials and ingredients: selection, quality defined by analysis, safety and associated analytical expertise.
Sensory and microbiological characterization in the case of biotechnologies.
Legislative watch
Knowledge of formulation and production methods.
Sensory characterization of raw materials and finished products.
Industrial transfer, technical support and inter-plant process coordination.

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Our production line

High capacity and adaptability

Today, we look forward to the future with confidence to our customers and future customers. Our production line is capable of adapting to each customer's request. We are ready for all markets in France, Europe and internationally.

Production capacity: 20,000 T
Control analyses: 20,400 in-house and per year
Raw material references: 600
Product references: 450

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A standardized production

Our products (improvers, mixes and premixes) are entirely under the control of QUALITY standards for which we are certified: ISO 22000 and FSSC (Food Safety System Certification 22000).

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Competitiveness and flexibility

Our production tool has evolved to include all the new modern materials and to keep a superior capacity of adaptation. Thus, we can meet strict specifications such as organic, allergens, flavors, salty and sweet or the absence of cross contamination.

production line, Carif France

22 secure production lines

Located in 4 separate factories for better safety with production ranging from kilo to several ton-hours, our workstations for personnel are constantly adapted and improved.

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