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Our Pastry & Catering Preparations 1

Our preparations

SINCE 1987

Our preparations

SINCE 1987

Our Pastry & Catering Preparations 2

Our pastry preparations

Simplicity & quality

Our preparations for your pastries rhyme with simplicity of use and are of artisanal quality.

Carif SAS takes as a reference the excellence of the artisanal quality for the elaboration of its range by adding a very great facility of use and a rigorously controlled quality.

A wide range of products

Our range of products covers most needs:
- Preparations for custards (hot, cold and filling).
- Preparations for custards (MGV or butyric).
- Preparations for butter creams (Pure butter).
- Preparations for almond creams (3 qualities).
- Preparations for Bavarian mousses (13 flavors).
- Mix sponge cake and chocolate (many references)
- Mix meringue, waffle, pancake, doughnut ...
- Mix cream type Chantilly
- Premix cake and chocolate cake

Products adapted to your needs

Carif SAS is committed to the quality of its products and we are continually working to expand this range. We are listening to you to better serve you and facilitate your daily work.

Our Pastry & Catering Preparations 3
Our Pastry & Catering Preparations 4

Our catering preparations


Our preparations allow you to reduce the sanitary risk but also to limit the waste of time.

Carif SAS offers 3 different ranges:


For your puff pastry or your pizza dough, they allow to strongly reduce the shrinkage phenomenon, to increase the volume and to bring a preservation for the freezing processes.
They are made on a case-by-case basis to solve our customers' production problems or challenges on their automated lines.

Preparations or mixes

Their progression is justified by the lack of qualified manpower and the difficult and costly management of fresh product stocks. Few professionals still make their bechamel sauce "the old-fashioned way" when there are preparations of superior quality in terms of taste and maximum feasibility.
Among our mixes, you can find Mix blinis, Mix béchamel...


They are used to flavour a product or to reinforce a flavouring.
Pizza flavouring, smoked, tex mex, onion, salmon...

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