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Our improvers

SINCE 1987

Our improvers

SINCE 1987

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Our Bakery Improvers

Their specificities & advantages

Bread improvers or additives are pre-products intended to compensate for the weaknesses of flours and to improve and facilitate the work of professionals.

They come in powder and gel form.

They allow to influence one or more parameters of the dough (tolerance, fermentation, extensibility,...) in order to optimize it according to:
- The method of bread making (whether direct, pre-proofed, frozen raw or ready to bake)
- The raw materials used (flour, yeast, sourdough...etc)
- The specificities of the equipment.

Adapted products

Carif SAS has a wide range of generic products and is committed to offering you a specific product developed in our research laboratory and validated on production line according to your needs.

Certified products

Carif SAS is committed to the quality of its products and offers a range of certified non-GMO products and a range of organic products certified by ECOCERT.

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bread-making laboratory, CARIF France
bread-making laboratory, CARIF France

Tested improvers

Each of the improvers we offer is tested on finished products in our bread laboratory by our bakers and technicians in order to guarantee the quality of our products.

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Our Viennese pastry improvers

Their characteristics & benefits

The demands of our customers are a priority for us and are targeted on the melting, the regularity, the taste and the conservation of their products.

Carif has developed unparalleled technological ingredients to improve the taste of the pastry.

These improvers are intended for croissants, pains au chocolat, brioches, raisin breads, danishes, etc.

Our improvers provide regularity in the production of products on automatic lines, regular foliage or harmonious development as well as respect for the old fashioned taste.

The market requirement: softness, fondant and conservation

In addition to its range of standard products, CARIF S.A.S. develops in
its Research & Development laboratory unrivalled technological ingredients to improve
the taste qualities of the pastry


The strengths of Carif improvers

Softness, melting and shelf life up to several months.
Regularity in production with improvers adapted to automatic production lines.
Controlled fermentation providing a regular flakiness.
Harmonious development, good volume and beautiful aspect of the final product.
Respect of the traditional flavors despite the use of modern manufacturing methods.

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Gastronomy is the Art of using food to create Happiness.

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