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Flavors and colors 1

Our flavors and colors

SINCE 1987

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Our flavors

Our flavors

Sensoriality and efficiency

Flavouring is a very effective way to allow the consumer to give his product a personal note to which he will be sensitive. Moreover, flavoring allows the consumer to distinguish a product among others.

Aromas awaken the senses and this personal note in your products can arouse memories and thus awaken pleasures. This personal note joins the affective-memory of childhood for example or that of the tradition in certain regions of France.

This particularity is very important because the gustatory domain is linked to the affective one, that is to say a very deep and durable memory

Stand out & assert your identity

CARIF S.A.S. creates and develops its own range of natural and natural identical flavors from meticulously selected essences. Its aromas call upon gustatory memories linked either to a tradition, or
to contributions from other countries which integrate perfectly into all types of finished products by bringing a very appreciated particular touch.

It is within the framework of this conception that Carif SAS and its team are committed to develop with you a specific aroma for your product that will allow it to stand out in its product universe!

Our flavors come in powder, gel or liquid form.

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aromatherapy, CARIF company

Our aromatherapy library

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Our food coloring

Our food coloring

Colors to differentiate

The organic dyes we sell cover a standard range with some specificities: chocolate brown, violet, blue, caramel black.

A touch of fantasy, a touch of elegance

The dyes are natural and allow you to add color to your various culinary preparations

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Gastronomy is the Art of using food to create Happiness.

Theodore Zeldin