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SINCE 1987

CARIF ingredients for the flour industry

CARIF offers a complete range of ingredients and products to enhance yours.

Each product is developed in compliance with the relevant standards. All our products, from improvers to preparations, as well as flavors, colorants and emulsifiers, are studied and controlled in our laboratories. Food safety is one of our top priorities.
All ingredients are tested in the finished product.

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Our products to enhance yours.

There is something for everyone

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Milling correctors

Our correctors are designed and developed in our milling department where energy, care and efficiency reign. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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Bakery Enhancers

Improvers or additives, necessary solutions to improve and enhance your flours and preparations.


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Pastry preparation

CARIF offers a wide range of preparations for your pastries, for greater customization and ease of use.


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Pastry improvers

CARIF produces a specific range of pastries so that your creations are sublimated


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Flavors and coloring

Whether in powder, liquid or gel form, we offer you the possibility to customize your products to make them unique.


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Catering preparation

3 ranges are produced by us: improvers, preparations or mixes as well as flavours; the choice is yours


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CARIF and biotechnology

A range of standardized and specific products

We have created a range of living fermented ingredients, both active and non-active, but also flavoring. Live sourdough obtained from ECOCERT-certified raw materials is used in our improvers, flour correctors, brioche and viennoiserie improvers, bread improvers, pre-baked improvers and brioche mix.

Active live sourdough, in liquid form and ready to use, is incorporated directly into the kneading trough, giving it the characteristic taste of fermented sourdough products. Deactivated sourdough can be used in ORGANIC products.

Our strengths to differentiate you from others

Tailor-made ingredients

All products are customizable and can be produced on demand.
Our productions can be improved according to a precise request of a customer or according to a particular nutritional and food need.
Our productions can go from a single kilo to a ton/hour.
Our teams are made up of qualified professionals in the food industry.

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"Of all the passions, the only respectable one seems to me to be gluttony."

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