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Correcteurs de Meunerie

Milling correctors

Customer satisfaction: A priority

An entire department dedicated to this activity where dynamism and performance coexist.
A complete physico-chemical analysis laboratory as well as adapted ingredients and improvers production tools.
Products for France and for export.

Flour correctors allow to optimize the functions of the flours used by the millers. These correctors have different technological profiles and can regulate flours such as their strength, extensibility or hydration. These ingredients homogenize the characteristics of the flour, which often comes from different wheat supplies, and therefore give it specific properties such as its color or a higher gluten content.

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CARIF Milling

From consulting to shipping

For you, CARIF SAS formulates, controls and produces:
- Enzymes and other technological aids
- Cereal ingredients flavors
- Protein correctors
- Aromatic correctors

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We advise you on the choice of wheat by variety and by origin. Various origins: France, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Ukraine, Russia, Black Sea, India.

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Determination of wheat and flour quality levels:
Physicochemical and rheological analyses.
Bread making tests.

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formulation of correctors

Formulation of correctors adapted to customer requirements:
Breading test for validation of the corrector(s) according to the requirements expressed by the customer.

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Production, control, shipping

Production, quality control and shipment:
After production, each product is controlled by our analysis laboratory and shipped immediately to ensure impeccable quality.

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Study of a CARIMILL corrector from a wheat or flour sample

Process of realization of your CARIMILL corrector

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Terms of reference

We define a specification with all your requirements.

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We analyze your base flour in our analysis and quality control laboratories.

Milling correctors 11


Formulation of an adapted CARIMILL corrector in our Research and Development laboratory

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Test & validation

Bread-making tests are established to validate your CARIMILL corrector on your flour

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The manufacturing of your corrector is launched with a quality control established in our quality laboratories.

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Your orders are shipped as quickly as possible to maintain optimal quality.

"We consider our customers as guests, at a party where we are the hosts, it's our job to improve their experience a little more every day".

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