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Manufacturer of ingredients and additives for bread-making and Viennese pastries for the flour industry

CARIF: a true family recipe!

We are a family group involved in the food industry for 33 years. Elisabeth and Guy de la Serve, consultants in bread and pastry technologies, are the founders of this company.

They continue to add value to the company through their know-how and experience. Their secret lies in their benevolent approach to their employees and partners, as well as in their desire to satisfy their customers. Gaêl de la SERVE, their son, has devoted ten years to international prospecting, and new customers in Eastern Europe, Russia, Japan and China have joined the CARIF adventure.

All of their employees, some of whom have been with them for many years, contribute to CARIF's growing success in all markets in France, Europe and internationally through their professionalism and commitment to the company.

We also strive to be ever closer to our customers, offering them a highly diversified range of products for the flour-processing sector, including milling correctors, bakery and pastry improvers, preparations for patisseries and delicatessens, and a whole selection of flavors and colorants.


Present since 1987

The evolution of the group CARIF

CARIF's objective has always been to respond to customer demand and improve or create additives to adapt them to the flour industry's emerging agri-food market.


Key dates in its development :

1987: creation of CARIF
1990: creation of DLS Développement, a consulting and training company.
1998: CARIF SA is certified ISO 9002, confirming its investment in quality systems and its commitment to customer satisfaction.
1999: CARIF exports worldwide.
2002: strong development of the milling activity, with the creation of a team of specialists and the acquisition of the most advanced equipment for wheat and flour analysis and breadmaking tests.
2003: CARIF expands its storage area, enabling a stronger purchasing policy, express delivery times and the possibility of expanding its production area. 2004: CARIF expands its warehousing facilities, enabling it to reinforce its purchasing policy, maintain express delivery times and expand its production area.
2004: ISO 9001:2000 certification, followed by ISO 9001:2008 in 2010, reinforces the company's global strategy of innovation and active quality.
2017 2017: CARIF-SA expands its storage and production facilities by 1,800 m², including an extended laboratory.
Acquisition of a new building ENGUAGE CARIF 4
2018: ISO 22000 validation.
Administrative staff move to new, comfortable, modern offices, and the company also creates 1,200 m² of additional storage space.

Our objectives

We are driven by the satisfaction and needs of our customers. To meet your demands in terms of speed, quality and creativity.

Our objectives

We are driven by the satisfaction and needs of our customers. To meet your demands in terms of speed, quality and creativity.

Our mission

To be always close to you, to give you the means to develop your products, to personalize them, to accompany you.

Our presence

CARIF is the trusted technology partner of more than 300 companies in France (manufacturers & wholesalers) and our products are marketed in more than forty countries on five continents.

Our commitments

CARIF-SAS emphasizes these commitments to the environment and its employees with a CSR corporate responsibility charter.
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CARIF group objectives in technology for the bread industry

In our laboratories

Acquire and develop product know-how, and provide technological solutions resulting from its research and innovations.
Apply the knowledge of new ingredients.
New methods of preservation.
To improve the flavors: taste and aromas

In our Toulouse laboratoryIn our laboratory, efficiency, rigor and dynamism are key. High precision equipments are used to obtain and analyze high quality products such as theAlveograph, the Farinographand the Brabender.

With our customers

Transpose the lab recipe to their production line.
Produce in a competitive and modern way.
Ensure product safety by creating a quality environment.
Advise on the choice of raw materials and equipment.


An efficient laboratory 

Always closer to our customers

Created in 2012, this laboratory based in Nantes was specially designed for our customers in "Ouest France", Europe and for export. To be closer to our customers, it allows to ensure a service of great efficiency and more personalized.
This laboratory has made it possible to respond to a growing demand for samples, a laboratory adapted and designed for this purpose and perfectly equipped to provide active responses.
It also allows us to train young professionals for the application of new processes at our export customers.
The Nantes laboratory carries out research in a wide range of fields related to the demands of our customers in "Ouest France" as well as for our European and international customers.


More than just a producer: a partner

& agri-food technologies

More than just a producer: a partner

& agri-food technologies

CARIF, aromatic creator and producer of regulators for the flour industry, offers you a multitude of services and products: training, support, raw materials and ingredients.

Our Family Group Structure

CARIF is dedicated to industrial design and production, and is home to 3 hubs, as well as a variety of structures and participations, and a significant agricultural activity.



We are present in France as well as internationally with offices in Japan and Romania.


DLS Development

Research, training and consulting laboratory in agri-food. We have to our credit more than 200 participations in projects.


Carif ingredients

Distribution of technical materials, such as gluten, starches and specific flours at competitive prices.

Our activities : in Europe, Asia, Africa and not only !

CARIF International

Adaptation and rigor are required.

Our technicians are used to changes in practices and can easily adapt to new customers and bring the "made in France" competence appreciated all over the world.
Aware of cultural diversities, we respect the production environment and the expectations of the markets of the different countries by advising our customers in their best interests.

The ease and competence of our staff in all countries make our success with foreign clients by providing real solutions to their specific difficulties.

Carif SAS export card and international

CARIF JAPAN is a branch dedicated to the development of the Japanese market and to expand in the Asian area.


CARIF ROMANIA is an agency dedicated to rapid development in this country as well as in Moldova.

We are present in different countries
Africa : Morocco - Tunisia - Algeria - Senegal - Cameroon - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Rwanda - Guinea Conakry - Libya - Mali - Burkina Faso - Djibouti - Benin
Asia : Japan - Thailand - Qatar - Lebanon
Oceania : New Caledonia
West Indies: Haiti - Reunion Island
Europe: Spain - England - Romania - Germany - Poland - Netherlands - Slovenia - Portugal - Lithuania
Outside Europe: Belarus - Russia - Kazakhstan - Moldova


A complete and personalized range of raw materials

Carif Ingredients

A complete and personalized range of raw materials

Carif Ingredients

Our company provides a service to its customers and offers raw materials from a selective sorting, justified by a precise specification and subject to internal analysis.
In these raw materials, additives and ingredients you will find for example the wheat gluten which, once its strength and elasticity are measured in the flour, gives the baker a measure of quality for different varieties of flour when developing recipes for various bakery products.

Or starch, which is used in many areas of our business, such as:
- In bakery and Viennese pastry, it provides slow sugars, a source of energy, adjusts the sweet taste, contributes to coloring during baking, helps to maintain softness in the mouth and gives hold during baking.
- For cookies, it makes them crisp, gives them a lovely caramelized color and helps to hold cookies, fillings and toppings in place.
- In pastry-making, starch preserves softness, gives a golden color when baked, adjusts sweetness, optimizes glazes and toppings, and ensures evenness.
Starch is an indispensable ingredient in pastry creams, and binds flavors.
There are also emulsifiers (such as E471, E481, E475, E472), each of which has well-defined functions, such as conditioning volume, softness after baking, etc.
CARIF carries out numerous analyses and guarantees the consistency of all these ingredients.


Advice and technical assistance

DLS developpement
Its assets and advice

Our branch DLS Developpement is a "Consulting" laboratory which assists companies in their development by bringing them a set of services gathered in a single company.
We put at your service our assets such as the thorough knowledge of the trade and the products, our implication, our effectiveness as well as a permanent dialogue with the guarantee of a satisfactory result, very personalized advice and a panel of tasting. Our advice is particularly aimed at bakers, confectioners, millers and caterers.
We establish an audit (quality, product...). We offer technical assistance for the most diverse projects. We analyze your products in our laboratories. Moreover, we can train the personnel who intervene within the framework of a consulting contract with DLS DEVELOPPEMENT on certain customer requests.
Many customers in France and abroad appreciate our personalized support and our specific skills.

Technical Assistance

We set up processes and technologies on your artisanal, semi-mechanized or ultra-mechanized lines, using the technological ingredients offered by CARIF.
CARIF is the French company that can and knows how to work with you to help you develop your project.
We offer you 30 years' experience in this sector of activity and a serious, efficient reputation backed up by numerous references.

To manage very diverse projects from the craftsman who evolves towards the industry, to the recognized industrialists who invest in important projects, it is necessary to master an adaptable, effective technical team and a development in 6 points:
- Definition of the project with the customer by taking into account its specificities
- The product : sample to be realized by our laboratory
- The equipment: a study of the existing possibilities
- Transfer: on production line (if necessary)
- The organization of the work and the training of the personnel for this project
- The reception of the project: The validation by the customer.

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