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Carif and the environment 1

CARIF presents its CSR charter

CARIF & the environment

Our business is based on the observation and respect of the environment.
We are dealing with biotechnologies that have a profound impact on the health and environment of the world around us. This is why we are attentive to this and strive to develop our activities while protecting our employees and our planet.


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Defined in 5 points

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)is a set of measures. It is defined in 5 points:
- Customer expectations
- The environment, food
- Environmental issues
- Supplier relations
- Human

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CARIF shares social and environmental concerns and does its utmost to contribute to this charter through various actions within the company, with its employees but also with its customers and various consumers.
For the future of generations to come, we must apply and improve our commitments and share them with all our partners in order to be more responsible.

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the consumer

We pay more and more attention to the quality of the products we supply to our customers and insist on several points:
- R&D must develop products corresponding to the demand
- Evaluate customer satisfaction
- Get closer to customers to better understand their demands and requirements
- Stay in communication with a maximum of customers

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- Clean label
- HACCP method
- Maximum hygiene
- Systematic bacteriological analyses
- FSSC certification
- Non GMO
- Favouring biotechnologies
- Allergen management
All the actions undertaken aim to provide consumers with healthy products, produced with the best hygiene, respecting very demanding quality standards.

Carif and the environment 5


Within CARIF, our objectives are to :

- Knowing our impacts and acting at the source
- Sorting our waste and recycling
- Controlling energy consumption
- Monitoring performance indicators and energy consumption
- Knowing the life cycle and thinking ecodesign

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Our company has always emphasized the relations with our suppliers through:
- A partnership by respecting the word and creating privileged links
- We privilege local purchases (wheat, flour, seeds)
- We respect the payment terms

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Make the company attentive to its employees by :

- Most of our managers are promoted from within
- Training and tutoring
- We protect operators by facilitating their work and safety
- We make them aware of the challenges of the future
- The premises are planted with vegetation and the offices are individual and not confined.

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- To increase the production and research of sourdough and live flavors
- To give priority to the purchase of raw materials from countries and regions in
where we have the assurance of traceability
- To use the majority of the productions transformed by CARIF from local ingredients


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Respect & Preserve

CARIF and its actions

Our company implements various actions to preserve our environment.
All our waste is sorted and recycled for cardboard, kraft bags and plastic.
Our policy is to limit packaging.
We control daily the quality and quantity of our waste water.

Beneficial actions

We study energy-efficient processes.
We promote green spaces near our production and research sites.
We plant trees and various plants to preserve the fauna and flora.

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